About Us

Who We Are?

Data is beautiful, but it doesn’t speak on its own. Visualization gives words to the Data such as to understand and grasp the story promptly in succinct manner.

Tathyanka is an endeavor of small group of enthusiastic Banking Professionals and IT Professionals in Data Visualization of available statistics of Banks and Financial Institutions (A, B and C Class) in graphical form such that the figures, trends, anomalies, exceptions and uniqueness of each BFI figure speaks itself.

Users can view, analysis or compare various data filtering for type of BFI as well as period within comfort of few clicks drilling down into depth compositions of Assets, Liabilities, Income, Expenditure, Network, as well as other Key Performance Indicators.

Team Tathyanka reckons that this will be useful input to the Banking Executives, Researcher, Regulators, Investors, Students as well as other Enthusiasts to know the periodic information of Banks and Financial Institutions.