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Tathyanka is a data analytics platform developed by dynamic group of industry experts and IT specialists with an aim to create optimal data visualization for thorough analytics.

Our Work

Banking Professionals and IT Professionals in Data Visualization


Analytics Platform

Tathyanka's product analytics platform provides a comprehensive understanding of the current economic situation, liquidity condition, and the mutual fund performance and overall capital market developments. With all such relevant data, individuals can gain a deeper understanding from detail analytics of the company to the overall macro-economic situation of the country. Our solution is based on readily available data, presented in a meaningful and actionable way, promoting a better insight.
Actionable Insights

Valuable recommendations based on data-driven insights

Comprehensive analytics

Detailed view of market and economic trends


Industry Analytics Report

Tathyanka's Industry Analytics Report provides a thorough analysis of various industries including Banking and Financial Institution, Hydropower, Cement, Pharmaceuticals, Steels and other Local industries. This in-depth report is customized to meet specific client needs, delivering insightful information to drive business decisions and growth. With a commitment to quality and accuracy, Tathyanka's Industry Analytics Report is the trusted resource for industry-specific data and analysis.
Customized insights

Customized insights for industry-specific data analysis

Trusted Industry Data

Trusted Resource for in-depth industry analysis


MIS Report

Tathyanka's MIS Report is our most premium product, providing customized analysis for specific companies. This in-depth report offers a comprehensive view of a company's operations and performance, covering key metrics and relevant data. With a focus on delivering actionable insights and driving growth, Tathyanka's MIS Report is the ultimate solution for companies seeking to understand and optimize their operations.
Customized analysis

Tailored insights for company-specific performance improvements

Performance optimization

Optimize operations with customized analysis and strategic insights


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Customized Solutions

Our products are tailored to meet specific client needs, ensuring that clients receive the insights and information that are most relevant to their operations and goals.


Actionable Insights

Tathyanka's data-driven solutions provide accurate and valuable insights that empower clients to make informed business decisions and drive growth.


Quality and Accuracy

We are committed to delivering high- quality results, ensuring that our clients receive accurate and reliable information that they can rely on to inform their decision- making process.



Tathyanka brings together industry professionals and IT specialists to provide cutting-edge data analysis and visualization solutions.

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